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say hello to the kitty… again!

Here’s yet another Hello Kitty post.

I’m not the only one who’s fallen in love… I found that Mega Bloks and Liberty London have as well.

So when I found out that someone I knew was having a baby GIRL (it’s been nothing but boys around here for what feels like forever!) I cracked out the Hello Kitty again.

Man, I wish I’d had time to iron that… oh well, first wash will work that right out, and from what I hear about babies it isn’t likely far away. It’s backed with a fuchsia minky dimple dot.

The bibs are backed in the same minky – everyone I’ve ever done this for just loves how soft it is and loves that they can attach and unattach the bib single handedly withe the velcro.

Finally, I backed micro-fiber cloths in Hello Kitty, with a loop to hang it by.

And then roll it all into a Hello Kitty bag. (I almost got one of these for myself… too cute!) Notice how the bag has exactly the same images as the bib on the far right? Total co-incidence… happy accident. 😀

why, hello there kitty!

first, some failure.  i’ve never actually broken a needle OFF before:

but here is what I broke it off ON:

It’s a “hello kitty” lunch bag I made for a lady I work with!  The fabric is a light canvas that came from Hong Kong (see the Modes4u link in the sidebar!) and has been sitting patiently, waiting to be something exciting for a few months now.  It has an elastic loop around a flower button for a closure.  Let’s take a look inside!

It’s lined with a light pink broadcloth and has a nice rectangular bottom with straight edges to set a reusable container in it.  Let’s see what it looks like in action!

So it’s got a neatly folder paper-bag-style corner, hand stitched to the side with a blue flower on each side, similar to the flower used for the closure.  My favorite part of this entire bag is all of the top-stitched sides and bottom that give it a beautiful structure… it can almost stand up on its own while empty!

cuteness overload!!!

so i just dropped a bundle on these adorable japanese fabrics… i blame zipit for the adorable purple panda fabric that i absolutely HAD to have!

i searched for “purple panda fabric” on google images and most of the links were for Modes4u. they have the best selection of hello kitty, kawaii, kokka, and generally cute fabrics AND free international shipping if you spend $78 US!

hello, kitty!

I picked up this fabric a little while back at a local quilting store… hello kitty knit. I’d never worked with knit before but I thought it was awfully cute.  That was the first time I experienced a person working at a fabric store practice age discrimination.  She sort of looked me up and down and said, “you do realize that this fabric is $x.xx a meter.”   That’s probably why I laughed so hard when I heard Lizzy House say it at her talk:

Anyways, for that reason I put the fabric away for a little while… and because I was kind of scared of knits.  But I used an old pair of very comfy pants as a guide, and here they are: hello kitty pyjama pants!

hello there, kitty!

… plus toes.  But I just had a deluxe pedicure at the spa with my mom, so they’re very pretty little toes!

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