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a wip… un-wip-ed

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly a pro-star at finishing projects. It’s usually the “fiddly bits” that I never get around to (don’t I sound so British saying “fiddly bits”?) 😀

But this one was actually finished in a reasonable amount of time… and the other part is actually almost done too!!! It’s a Christmas miracle…

So there it is, fiddly bits and all! And very warm… it hasn’t been cold here lately, just windy.

another crochet WIP…

but this time you don’t have to guess. I started working on this cover project a couple of days ago… it LOOKS really complicated, but it’s not really that bad. G already finished one in the prescribed colors, but you know me, I have to be different…

guess the WIP

WIP = Work In Progress

You’re not allowed to guess if I’ve already told you what it is! Here’s the “in progress” pic, IRL it’s almost finished…

My husband thinks it looks like a giant sperm… now I can’t see anything but that!

the life of a ninja…

I started working on this fabulous welding hat pattern from Haley, The Autocrat earlier this week. I started by cutting fabrics… check it, I cut 6 pieces at the same time!

and then I got distracted.

Distracted by sleep – I was in bed by 6pm two nights in a row this week… I blame the medications that I’ve been taking.

Distracted by work – I put in 16 hours on my contract programming project in the last week, trying to get it finished so the hardware can be deployed on location next week… and that’s apart from my full-time job.

Distracted by fabrics… I wasn’t totally sold on the fabric that I chose for the inside of the hat, and then it came to me yesterday which fabric I really wanted, so I have to re-cut.

And distracted by love – I have a romantic Valentines Day weekend planned with my hubby! I won’t have time to work on it until at least Sunday, though I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday.

It ain’t easy being a ninja.

wip clue…

guess what I was working on last night…

more on that tomorrow…

wip wip wip

Here is a peak at what I was working on last night…

Yes, that’s a skull and those are roses.  Take a look at the detail on the roses:

Texture on the roses is created by not only the direction and length of the stitches, but by layering the stitches as well.  This is going to be one gorgeous piece! Thank you , who is by the way having a tremendous sale right now… all of their most popular designs for 2010 are just $1!  And don’t forget to check out their free design!  Did you know that they also have hand embroidery AND digital stock? I ❤ Urban Threads!

a quick peek at the WIP’s

here is a peek at what i was working on last night… first time out with the embroidery machine in quite a while… apparently i still remember how to work it, but i needed to look at the instructions a couple of times:

and this is what came in the mail today. i was excited to feel a “voile” as i had no idea what to expect, and all i can say is OH MY!

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