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christmas ninja part 3: the scoody

When ninjas find something that they like, they do it a lot. Inspired by the Scoodie I drafted something that looked more like a hood from a snowsuit.

The process is easy: Make inner, make outer, sew right sides together matching seams as closely as possible, turn and top stitch!  Those orange ‘W’ looking things were my attempt at a visual break… the scarf pieces are quite long. After I cut the left and right hood pieces out, I used the rest of the width for the scarf parts.

The great thing is that they’re reversible – if you don’t feel like cute owls today, you can turn the pylon orange side out – also good if you’re lost in a blizzard.

It’s also upside-downable – if the scarf ends are pointing down you have more face-room, for chinooks, but if the scarf ends are pointing forwards you have more face coverage, for sub-arctic days.

So here are some fine specimens, thank you to Tigger for modeling.

the night-owl nightie

When Ann Kelle released the owl and whale prints of Urban Zoology, I loved them. When they were released in “minky cuddle”, I adored them – I made tons of beautiful, warm and fuzzy blankets for myself and the people that I love the most. When I saw that they’d been released in “silky satin”, I swooned.

I thought it would be perfect for pyjamas! So soft… so very very… soft… ahem! The material is a little tricky to work with – I thought it would be more slippery than it actually is – it’s actually not too bad, it slides in one direction but not the other so it’s pretty easy to keep together. The toughest thing about it is how fast it unravels. You practically have to finish every edge before you start assembling everything otherwise by the time you get to the end it’s just a huge mass of… ravels? Is “ravel” a noun?

Anyways, the dress itself is quite long with an gathered skirt attached at an empire waist. I used folded-over-elastic (FOE) around the top and as straps – I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I can’t use FOE. I use a straight stitch and it stretches it out. I use a stretch stitch, it stretches it out. I use a zigzag stitch and it STRETCHES IT OUT! Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong here? FOE always stretches out for me – you’re supposed to stretch it while you’re sewing, then when you’re finished it should pull the garment into a gather… mine just stays stretched out.

So to combat my completely lack-luster FOE, I shirred the entire back of the top (in the pic I haven’t trimmed the threads back yet. The fit is way better. I love the way that the shirring looks on the “silky satin”, I think I’m going to do that on purpose for something!  I’m also going to shorten the straps, but for now I just tied them up.

i <3 you modcloth!

I was reading Grosgrain and saw her post about getting bridesmaids dresses from, and I had to go check out this website. I fell in love with many of their accessories, and last night a box full of shiny things arrived on my doorstep! This was one of them:

I ❤ the idea of mutiple-finger rings. I think it has the same effect as tattoos that cross clothing lines – it's a normal thing in a slightly abnormal way. Besides that, these owls are just so darn cute! I also got a lightning bolt ring, but I like this one a whole lot better!

lime is the new black

After the owls & chocolate minky blanket I made as a housewarming gift for my friend, her brother came to live with her and he decided that he wanted one too. Now pink and brown is kinda girly, so I chose the whales in the carnival colorway with a lime green dimple dot, and I quite liked the punch that the green gave!

So there I am, thinking how much I like that green color, and how the store where I bought it at tried to get more in and can’t, and I saw a gorgeous lime green minky shag.  This is at the same time that I got my husband’s black shag for his man cave blanket, and he started telling me every day how amazing the minky shag is and how I need my OWN minky shag blanket. So I made one!

And I LOVE it!  This one, like the other shag, is about 72″x60″ making it the perfect size to curl up underneath and snuggle up to! And the green makes me forget that just last week, our house looked like this:

And there’s likely going to be more before summer is officially here.

more minky

Are you tired of minky blankets yet? I’m not! I got a new chair delivered last week and it’s an ivory colored leather chaise… and it was just DYING for a blanket! Or maybe I was dying for a blanket while sitting on it.

This blanket is approximately 60″x72″… I saw blankets that size on etsy that are minky on only one side for between $100 and $150. I just love the watermelon-colored minky dimple… it’s precisely the same color as the owls! Unfortunately it appears as though Hawthorne Threads has removed the owls in watermelon and topaz from their site (usually meaning that they’re out and aren’t planning on getting any more in) and now only has the carnival colorway.

Do you like that toilet paper I managed to get into the shot? Oh yeaz, me toooo! We buy it at Costco by what I’m sure is the bushel-load.

super soft minky vs super silky satin

I just received an envelope in the mail yesterday… check it out:

in the left corner: super soft minky! in the right corner super silky satin!

You may recognize the super soft from my vacation sewing, but the satin is new. I thought it was really cool to be able to see the two next to each other! I noticed that compared to the minky, the lines in the satin image are super crisp, which might be intuitive when you think about it, but it certainly must be a consideration when designing for different fabrics, which seems to be a really popular thing to do right now.

I’m so excited to get started with the silky satin! It looks pretty slippery and I think there will be a lot of pinning involved, but I think the end result will complement the cuddle perfectly 😀

a minky rampage!

I’ve become smitten with minky fabrics… I need a minky anonymous group. I now spend more time snuggling with minkies than with my husband… it’s a disorder, I need help.

It’s not my fault! I just keep finding softer and cuter fabrics ALL THE TIME!

I made this one for a housewarming gift for my friend… get it? “House warming”? And it’s a blanket?? HAHAHA

minky owls on a fluffy chocolate back

Ok, so maybe it’s not really that funny. But I’m the one that snuggled up with it on the couch while I was there, so when I got home I was stoked to whip off another one, EVEN FLUFFIER!!!

strawberry minky on a VERY fluffy pink

and then another one to match the “house warmer”!

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