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i WON!

This is just so exciting, I had to share!  I was poking around at Nova’s place, drooling over her cute little “quillow” and I entered the giveaway for Laurie Wisbrun’s new Pooches and Pickups fabric… and I WON! Can you possibly think of anything more exciting? Except, perhaps, when the fabric arrives and I get to play with it!!!

PS, I first starting loving Nova when I saw her entry for the Umbrella scraps project… which I also just loved. Apparently everyone else loved it too, because she won!

i could spend 100$…

so i saw this FABULOUS new fabric last night at my regular online fabric store and i HAD to have it. i started looking at the colors and they have this feature where you can find other fabrics by color to match the ones you’re looking at… no other fabric in the store has these colors. it’s the “rock candy” colorway of “sweet tooth” by Diane Kappa. HOLY MOLEY it’s amazing! i actually tried to order it from Hawthorne Threads… all of it… and they were out of a couple of the patterns. so i googled “Diana Kappa” and started rummaging around on her website until i came up with Marie-Madeline Studios and they had plenty of it! THEN i took a peek at their blog and found an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!

*takes a breathe*

and so hop on over there and enter! there are no notes about when it closes, so GO! GO NOW! GO!!!

take a look at this zipper giveaway!

I’ve fallen in love with this etsy shop:

Look at all the pretty zippers! AND they’re giving away zippers too!  Take a look:

ooooh, I’m just imagining all the wonderfully zippered things I’m going to be making…

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