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christmas ninja part 4: bags to put things in

I started to realize that if I outlined every single thing that I made this xmas, I would be here until Easter, so I’m grouping widely, just let me know if you want me to slow down and show you something in more detail.

Exhibit 1: the tablet case.

Robot print on the outside, circuit board print on the inside, this beauty was intended for my dad’s tablet.  No velcro or clasps to scratch it up, there are magnets sewn into the inner faces.

In my defense, it fit my iPad with loads of room to spare in both dimensions.  Fluffy quilting make it soft padding for crashing into things, like dogs (my parents have 3 enormous siberian huskies).   How was I to know that his tablet is like 3 times thicker and an about 25% longer than an iPad?


By repositioning the magnet onto a little flap, I extended the reach of this baby by several inches. It can be closed either with the flap on the inside OR the outside of the body.

My cousin invited my family to her place for dinner… she said not to bring anything, but I wanted to bring something nice for her.  Enter flavored Schnapps… and pretty bag to put it in!

and looky inside!

And lastly, a bag all for me!  This is based on that cute little earbuds case… just bigger. Can you believe I got this stuff on super-duper clearance?  So cool.

It’s seriously neon green!

more xmas revealed…

So, I never ever got a picture of all of my little birdies completed together… I think I started handing them out before I finished the last ones. But here are half of them!

I think they turned out really well… totally adorable!  I think this set is what I took with me out-of-town.

I also had a surprise trip during my out-of-town trip.  Since we were in Lloydminster (Border City, right on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan) and I have a very good friend in The Middle Of Nowhere, Saskatchewan, I decided to take a day trip down and see her very pregnant self.  With me I brought this one:

Yay for xmas!

oooooh, shiny!

this project has been under wraps for a while:

It was originally meant to be a pin-cushion, but I went a little crazy… I couldn’t help it, the pins and buttons were just screaming at me to be involved.  I found the skull ribbon in the Halloween clearance bin and I just knew!  Red thread tied it all together in one big, skully… I don’t know.  I thought it could be a really giant pin-cushion, but then I decided to let the gift-ee decide.  We settled on it being a bag for sewing things, and I have the perfect thing to line the inside with…

The embroidered design is from Urban Threads and this was my first attempt at using the shiny metallic thread. The lady at the fabric store scared me when I purchased it, telling me that I should use different needles and this lubricant that she sold me and this special bobbin thread and about a half dozen things that I don’t even remember now. I decided to just give it a shot to start, with a normal embroidery needle and just set my machine on “slow”… and everything turned out beautifully. It tangled and broke about the same amount as any other thread, actually, probably less because I had it on slow!

why, hello there kitty!

first, some failure.  i’ve never actually broken a needle OFF before:

but here is what I broke it off ON:

It’s a “hello kitty” lunch bag I made for a lady I work with!  The fabric is a light canvas that came from Hong Kong (see the Modes4u link in the sidebar!) and has been sitting patiently, waiting to be something exciting for a few months now.  It has an elastic loop around a flower button for a closure.  Let’s take a look inside!

It’s lined with a light pink broadcloth and has a nice rectangular bottom with straight edges to set a reusable container in it.  Let’s see what it looks like in action!

So it’s got a neatly folder paper-bag-style corner, hand stitched to the side with a blue flower on each side, similar to the flower used for the closure.  My favorite part of this entire bag is all of the top-stitched sides and bottom that give it a beautiful structure… it can almost stand up on its own while empty!

swirls and ruffles

I met my mom for lunch today.  At some point this winter I had sent her a link to and she had told me how much she loved the swirly reindeer.  If I was smart I would have bought the machine embroidery pattern when they were all on sale for a dollar! But I didn’t.  While a dollar a nice, it SOOOOO worth the 5 dollars that I paid for it!!!

Isn’t it pretty? I got a whole load of little towels from Walmart for 2$ each for exactly this purpose.  I still had some fabric left from the birdies, so I trimmed the bottom in a ruffle!

I ❤ you mommy!  I think this also helped my cause of getting my mom to come check on my cat the next time we go out of town! MWAHAHAHA!

1 little, 2 little… 16 little birdies…

I’ve been working on these birds for xmas… I always have this problem, I WANT to do more than humanly possible.  So when I start working, I usually work “breadth first” – a computer term used in search algoritms which implies doing a little bit of each one instead of completing any one of them first.  So here it is 5 days before xmas and all I had was the cut-out pieces of a dozen birds!

a pile of birds...

Well, it’s now 4 days before xmas and I have 16 assembled birds that need to be stuffed and hand-stitched to close, so I’m definitely close!

yup, there are 16 of them...

a quick peek at the WIP’s

here is a peek at what i was working on last night… first time out with the embroidery machine in quite a while… apparently i still remember how to work it, but i needed to look at the instructions a couple of times:

and this is what came in the mail today. i was excited to feel a “voile” as i had no idea what to expect, and all i can say is OH MY!

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