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hello, kitty!

I picked up this fabric a little while back at a local quilting store… hello kitty knit. I’d never worked with knit before but I thought it was awfully cute.  That was the first time I experienced a person working at a fabric store practice age discrimination.  She sort of looked me up and down and said, “you do realize that this fabric is $x.xx a meter.”   That’s probably why I laughed so hard when I heard Lizzy House say it at her talk:

Anyways, for that reason I put the fabric away for a little while… and because I was kind of scared of knits.  But I used an old pair of very comfy pants as a guide, and here they are: hello kitty pyjama pants!

hello there, kitty!

… plus toes.  But I just had a deluxe pedicure at the spa with my mom, so they’re very pretty little toes!

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