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say hello to the kitty… again!

Here’s yet another Hello Kitty post.

I’m not the only one who’s fallen in love… I found that Mega Bloks and Liberty London have as well.

So when I found out that someone I knew was having a baby GIRL (it’s been nothing but boys around here for what feels like forever!) I cracked out the Hello Kitty again.

Man, I wish I’d had time to iron that… oh well, first wash will work that right out, and from what I hear about babies it isn’t likely far away. It’s backed with a fuchsia minky dimple dot.

The bibs are backed in the same minky – everyone I’ve ever done this for just loves how soft it is and loves that they can attach and unattach the bib single handedly withe the velcro.

Finally, I backed micro-fiber cloths in Hello Kitty, with a loop to hang it by.

And then roll it all into a Hello Kitty bag. (I almost got one of these for myself… too cute!) Notice how the bag has exactly the same images as the bib on the far right? Total co-incidence… happy accident. ūüėÄ

geeky baby stuff

A friend of my husband just had a baby on 11-11-11… I know, so cool, huh? He wanted me to make a diaper cake and “maybe some of those clippy things?” hahaha.

I dug through my fabric pile and found the space invaders and pac man ghosts, and thought it was totally perfect for this baby of a geek, which in turn will most definitely be a geeky baby.

Space Invaders bib with matching minky clips

Pac Man bib with matching minky clips

I don’t know how I scrounged up enough scraps to do all of these clips AND back the bibs, but I did some creative placement! I think it’s safe to say that the minky is not necessarily all on the grain…

For a 5th clip, I used some of my treasured Tetris fabric that I got from Spoonflower last year.

And lastly, a receiving blanket to tie the entire cake together… bicycle flannel… I didn’t have anything geeky and Michael Miller flannel is just so soft after it’s washed!

little ninjas… you can dress them up…

If there’s one thing that there is a lot of right now, it’s little baby ninjas! On my personal blog I started posting “knock up of the week”, and this week there were even two! So with little ninjas comes baby showers. And with baby showers come shower gifts. But what I have noticed is that there are a WHOLE LOT of little boy ninjas around lately! And while boys are just as cute as girls, they seem to be much harder to gift for! So here’s what I did from 9am-11:45am on Sunday morning (I had to leave for the shower at 12!)

I used all three colors of Mini Stars from All Star 2 of My Minds Eye for Riley Blake. I thought about doing the same colors on the fronts and backs, but they were all going to the same person so I thought it would make a cute little set!

NIT… ninja in training…

ninjas don’t come out of the womb as full fledged experts in all things ninja… they need to be trained.

my favorite part is the throwing-start detail in the rattle.¬† and it’s for a girl so it’s in pink, and it’s backed with a pink zebra-stripe fabric.

monkey see, monkey do, monkey red, monkey blue…

So I’m getting my first real nephew this month. Not just the honorary kind where you get called “auntie” just because, but a real, blood (in-law) nephew. So to commemorate the occasion (and since I really don’t want to be depressed about my own lack of child when it seems like the ENTIRE world is pregnant all at once, I started sewing. I found this adorable sock monkey print at a local fabric store and already had some of the minky red hearts and minky blue dots. What came next was nothing short of a miracle.

I think I managed to finish two bibs, two blankets, and two pacifier clips in two nights, one night of which I was also packing and both of which I was also working on a programming project too!

will part 2

My cousin hasn’t picked up her bag yet, so I started playing with the leftover fabric to see what else I could get done before it was picked up.¬† This piece was made from the corners that were cut out of the bag (a corner cut out of each side gives it a flat bottom so it will sit flat ).¬† It’s got soft and fuzzy flanelette on the back as well:

made from the cut-out corners of the bag...

and soft and fuzzy on the back...

co-ordinated bibs...

and pacifier clips...

life, death, and rebirth…

Perhaps this is a very appropriate subject for my first post.¬† I good ninja must learn the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, to be open to change. “Do what works for you only as long as it works for you.”

A few days ago my husband got a new pillow.¬† I heard him call down from upstairs, “do we have any pillowcaseeeeees?”¬† I replied, “give me a day, tomorrow I’ll have a pillowcase for you”.¬† This was my super stealthy ninja way of getting to go back to the fabric store and purchase the ultra-adorable superman fabric that I had passed up the day before because I didn’t have an immediate project for which to use it.¬† I found the bolt right where I had left it and gleefully had them cut a meter.¬† I was only briefly distracted by this gorgeous piece of fabric

this gorgeous fabric...

this gorgeous fabric...

but I’ll get back to that later.¬† All the way home all I could think about was “it’s so snuggly and flannel-y”, picturing him cozying right down into the pillow and floating softly off to dreamland.

So I got home, took about 15 minutes and whipped up a little pillowcase, shoved the pillow inside, and when bedtime came we traipsed up the stairs with the new magical pillow of sleepiness!

magical pillow of sleepiness...

magical pillow of sleepiness...

He got into bed and positioned the pillow as I watched intently. “It’s good…” he said… but I could hear the ellipsis even in his voice. “It’s really nice but… it’s a bit too warm.¬† But it would be good for a winter pillowcase…”¬† It was a¬†30C¬†July day¬†today, wtf was I thinking making a flannel pillowcase?¬† He very gentlemanly tried to save my feelings, but I outright asked him, “do you want this to be a winter pillowcase, or do you want me to take it apart and make something else?”.

“Maybe something else?…”

*sigh*¬†Back to the drawing board.¬† I went back downstairs and ripped it all out.¬† I didn’t even cry a little bit!

So I sat there and stared at the fabric.¬† And stared and stared and stared.¬† I have a new little nephew coming September, so I got the idea to make something for him.¬† I didn’t have any blue cotton, but I remembered some red that I had gotten as a¬†remnant for super cheap. I had a¬† meter of superman and a yard of red, so I cut the difference, sewed the two main pieces together and remarked to myself how much the solid red invokes the feeling of a superman cape! The difference between a yard and a meter is about .1m (give or take a little because fabric I get on the internet is usually very exact and the fabric I get at Fabricland usually has a little extra which may or may not be usable because of the way it is cut) so I dug my bib patterns back out. I cut all the pieces out of superman, and edged the pocket in red… very snazzy if I do say so myself!

pretty snazzy...

pretty snazzy...

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