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tear… :'(

You would not believe what happened last night:

That big brown furry beast is the minky shag that I was trying to sew.  That white part sitting on top of it is the automatically needle threader that BROKE OFF ARM AND ALL!  I don’t know what happened, I was sewing along and stopped to clean some fluff out of around the needle post, and then in the next step, *SNAP*. I would try gluing back together, but it broke into 3 pieces and I can’t find the other piece.  I looked online and you can get replacement metal pieces, but I think I’m slightly hooped now.  I use it SO MUCH that I was considering phoning the sewing machine place and asking how much it would be to get it fixed.

And I only cried a little!

why, hello there kitty!

first, some failure.  i’ve never actually broken a needle OFF before:

but here is what I broke it off ON:

It’s a “hello kitty” lunch bag I made for a lady I work with!  The fabric is a light canvas that came from Hong Kong (see the Modes4u link in the sidebar!) and has been sitting patiently, waiting to be something exciting for a few months now.  It has an elastic loop around a flower button for a closure.  Let’s take a look inside!

It’s lined with a light pink broadcloth and has a nice rectangular bottom with straight edges to set a reusable container in it.  Let’s see what it looks like in action!

So it’s got a neatly folder paper-bag-style corner, hand stitched to the side with a blue flower on each side, similar to the flower used for the closure.  My favorite part of this entire bag is all of the top-stitched sides and bottom that give it a beautiful structure… it can almost stand up on its own while empty!

failure, failure, failure… and a little bit of success!

my friend recently adopted a little itsy bitsy chiuaua from mexico or LA or somewhere, named “Rosie”. dog named rosie + rose fabric = adorable, so this is what happened.

it’s the Heather Ross phenomenon known as “Far Far Away II”. i just love the weight of this fabric (my sewing machine does NOT, i should have just hand stitched the biggest parts). so what is it? well, it’s a leash. but the leash has an extra d-ring to hook other things on that you need on walks. like keys. and poop bag holders. like this one. 😀

so when I started making all of this, i decided to write a tutorial -this was going to be my break-out piece and it was going to be a masterpiece! so i started sewing and taking pictures and sewing and taking pictures and sewing and taking pictures, until i got to here:

and i didn’t even notice until i tried to shove it into the machine that it wasn’t going to work. i’d essentially sewn myself into a corner. awesome. i actually ripped the entire thing out and started again. here:

and while i’d like to say that the second line of stitching on each side accents the zipper beautifully, in truth it’s because my first line missed the lining entirely, and as i was gleefully waving it around in front of my husband who really didn’t care, i flung a piece of the lining at him. :S

i finished stitching it up and then did the leash part and the handle part, going out 2 more times to get d-rings and clips and such, and wasn’t really happy with what i found in the end either. *sigh* who would think you’d want to attach those clips to something less than an inch and a half wide anyways… crazy people :S

so after all of that, i realized that i had a massage scheduled for today. my massage therapist had raved about the tetris fabric that i had told her that i’d ordered from spoonflower… and i don’t tip her (it’s $89.25 per visit! i don’t think insurance will cover a tip, and not even all of that is covered under my primary plan!) so i wanted to make her something out of the tetris fabric when it arrived… it actually didn’t take very long at all.

both projects i used my zipit zippers! i bought the samplers of a whole bunch of different sizes, it’s nice because i can put it up to the project and a) get out one that’s a little bigger or a little smaller and b) match colors beautifully!

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