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The headphone reno

I really love these headphones. They’ve always sounded great and they’re comfortable. After trying to replace the fluffy parts twice, I decided to try making my own covers.  They worked for years to not only keep my headphones operational, but they’re also very “me”.  When those covers wore out, it gave me the opportunity “renovate” again… check it out…


This time I went for an all-over cover in a rainbow palette. I used 6 colors of Lily Sugar & Cream and an F hook.

happy halloween!


Mock up:

6 yards of Laguna Stretch Cotton Jersey Knit in Turquoise
1 ball of Bernat Mosaic yarn in Calypso
1 yard of elastic for the pants
a really big needle for threading yarn
remnants of red, yellow, blue, and lavender sparkly fabric
an iron and enough wonder-under to get the stupid sparkly fabric to stick

Teasers during production:

Making Halloween...
Making Halloween...


Happy Halloween!

say hello to the kitty… again!

Here’s yet another Hello Kitty post.

I’m not the only one who’s fallen in love… I found that Mega Bloks and Liberty London have as well.

So when I found out that someone I knew was having a baby GIRL (it’s been nothing but boys around here for what feels like forever!) I cracked out the Hello Kitty again.

Man, I wish I’d had time to iron that… oh well, first wash will work that right out, and from what I hear about babies it isn’t likely far away. It’s backed with a fuchsia minky dimple dot.

The bibs are backed in the same minky – everyone I’ve ever done this for just loves how soft it is and loves that they can attach and unattach the bib single handedly withe the velcro.

Finally, I backed micro-fiber cloths in Hello Kitty, with a loop to hang it by.

And then roll it all into a Hello Kitty bag. (I almost got one of these for myself… too cute!) Notice how the bag has exactly the same images as the bib on the far right? Total co-incidence… happy accident. 😀

new rainbow swap!

I got in on another rainbow swap with Robyn over at Bolohead… this time it’s a fall color swap and I got BURGUNDY.  Standing in the middle of the quilting cottons section in the fabric store I googled BURGUNDY and came up withthis description on Wikipedia:

Burgundy (sometimes wine red or simply wine) is a shade of purplish red associated with the Burgundy wine of the same name, which in turn is named after the Burgundy region of France. The color burgundy is similar to other shades of dark red such as maroon. When referring to the color, “burgundy” is usually not capitalized

Hmm… so it’s a purpley redish sort of browny maroon-ness. This is what I came up with.

Please excuse them looking quite… ummm… pink.

I also whipped up a sort of mug rug for Robyn, by which to remember me and my colors. Here’s the front:

Here’s the back: (I know, PINK, right?)

and here’re the squares, ready to ship 😀

I know some of them are too purple, some are too red, and some are just too darn pink, but I doubt that the other burgundy-er will get fabrics that are exactly BURGUNDY… whatever that might be.

happy eiffel tower yum yum

Last weekend the DH went and bought a new table. It’s a really nice table, it totally goes with out living room, he did a really great job! But this table has a mostly marble top… unsealed marble at that. It was a clearance table from Ashley Furniture, so someone bought it and returned it, and then we bought it for maybe 1/5th of the prices. It has some rings stained into the marble and he’s working very hard at getting them out, but I’m a very messy person and if someone else managed to mess up the table, I’m pretty confident that I will too.

That’s when I got the idea to make something that can only be described as the love-child of a coaster and a mugrug. I know how much Monica hates the term “mug rug”, which makes it quite funny that I ended up using mostly her fabric (Happy Mochi Yum Yum) to do it!

These over-sized coasters are about the size of a large postcard. I have a large wire eiffel tower in my livingroom so I’ve been collecting fabrics that refer to Paris. The back wraps around to bind the coaster and is made from a laminated cotton with no seem so it’s totally waterproof. The middle is an insulated batting (like you’d use for potholders and oven mitts) to protect the table from hot and cold things.

Lastly, there are five (5!) of them, so I can stack them all together or lay them all out for something big, like a big messy plate!

rainbow summer fan

Here’s a great example from that 365 dishcloth challenge that I mentioned before. It’s the Summer Fan and I decided to do it in rainbow colors.

Because each color was isolated in its own area, I didn’t finish any of them off until the end, so I carried them straight up the backside. Thus, in the middle it looked like this:

But by the end I got it all worked out… even though I missed the last round around the edge. I’m going to try it again but put 6 colors in the middle and white around the outside, so I’ll try to remember the last round next time 😀

happy mochi yum yum!

It arrived!!! And it is just as beautiful as I hoped!

Thank you Monica Solorio-Snow for reading my mind 😀

rainbow charm swap

So about a week or so ago I signed up for a rainbow charm swap at Bolohead. Each person in the swap is assigned a color and is to obtain a quarter yard (or fat quarter) of fabric that is predominately that color. In the end you get back a rainbow of little squares. I got purple… I’ve purchased the fabric but I have yet to cut them up.

The flash seems to have washed out some of the colors… they’re all really very purple!

I can’t wait to see the other colors!

what i was working on this weekend…

I had no idea it was going to take nearly this long, but I’m quite pleased with the results so far…

This is only half the colors, red, orange, yellow, then green, blue, purple. The periodic tucks look precisely how I wanted them to, but it’s taking for freaking ever. Now I have to attached each pair of colored rows to the next color… But that’s another day.

pretty… but sooooo sloooow…

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