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Beach Blanket Bingo!

Sew, Mama, Sew had this awesome challenge to pin a set of fabrics for a fat quarter bundle. They’re so sneaky – by the time I finished pinning them, I wanted to by them for a blanket of my own!

My set was chosen as one of 10 finalists out of almost 100 sets!!! So please, if you have time and see fit to vote for my set (lucky #7!), I’d really appreciate it! (You don’t have to log in or sign up to anything to vote!)

Here’s my set on Pinterest. And this is my favorite print from it:

Spoonflower ISpy Swap #2 at crafterhours!

you know you wanna… first 52 comments are IN! AND swappers get 20% off at AND yours truly is a moderator for this round! eeep, so exciting! so what are you waiting for, go check it out!

Spoonflower ISpy!


Check it out! Someone found my hat and pinned it!!!

That’s right, someone looked at something that I did and liked it so much, they want to look at again later.


This is a monumental day. I think there should be cake. Cake all week.

Yeah, that's me. A long long time ago, ready to bake!

Sew and So

I often frequent Sew and So to quell my need and desire for cross stitching. There’s just something so calming about sitting and stitching, following a pattern, matching blocks on the page to X’s on the fabric, seeing a picture slowly emerge out of chaos.

In January they renovated the Sew and So website to make it easier to navigate, but they also added the feature of “Customer Reviews”. Since my favorite cross stitch EVAR came from Sew and So, I decided to review it… and several days later an email appeared in my inbox telling me that MY REVIEW had been selected as one of their favorites of the month and I’d won a £25 gift certificate! And here in Canada, £25 is worth about $40 CAD!

My Cut-Thru Fairy Hill

i WON!

This is just so exciting, I had to share!  I was poking around at Nova’s place, drooling over her cute little “quillow” and I entered the giveaway for Laurie Wisbrun’s new Pooches and Pickups fabric… and I WON! Can you possibly think of anything more exciting? Except, perhaps, when the fabric arrives and I get to play with it!!!

PS, I first starting loving Nova when I saw her entry for the Umbrella scraps project… which I also just loved. Apparently everyone else loved it too, because she won!

tear… :'(

You would not believe what happened last night:

That big brown furry beast is the minky shag that I was trying to sew.  That white part sitting on top of it is the automatically needle threader that BROKE OFF ARM AND ALL!  I don’t know what happened, I was sewing along and stopped to clean some fluff out of around the needle post, and then in the next step, *SNAP*. I would try gluing back together, but it broke into 3 pieces and I can’t find the other piece.  I looked online and you can get replacement metal pieces, but I think I’m slightly hooped now.  I use it SO MUCH that I was considering phoning the sewing machine place and asking how much it would be to get it fixed.

And I only cried a little!

a true ninja

a true ninja laughs in the face of that which is difficult, rejoices in the impossible, thrives in that which mere mortals insist cannot be done.

what have you ninja’d today? (yes, that’s totally a verb.  now.)

ruby star rising

have you seen the new line of fabric called “ruby star rising”, the genius of Melody Miller? I was so excited when I saw the pictures from quilt market, viewfinders? vintage teapots?! awesome!!!

so i waited. and waited and waited and waited. and while i was in lloydminster for xmas they all arrived. and they all disappeared. i saw listings on some other sites for limited numbers of fat quarter bundles, and they were referred to as “highly coveted”. but this is some seriously cool fabric, i wanted to seriously order.

enter Fort Worth Fabric Studio! I had pre-ordered the dr. seuss fabrics from them and it was very convenient – they show you the amount they have left available for pre-order and then they send it to you and charge you when it actually arrives. good for them because they can gauge demand and guarantee sales, good for you because you’re guaranteed to get the fabrics that you want… eventually.

i asked them if they were planning on getting any in – they said that they were not planning on it, but were interested in branching into kokka fabrics. she asked me which ones i wanted, BING BANG BOOM, the next day they were available for pre-order. AND she’s getting in 10y each of 9 different fabrics, so if you’re looking to buy ruby star rising and you don’t mind waiting… go check it out! Fort Worth Fabric Studio

nothing new… sigh…

it’s been so flipping cold here that it’s hard to get motivated to even get through your day, not to mention do anything fun.  a girl day on sunday degenerated into everyone coming over to my house and watching movies, namely beauty and the beast and scott pilgrim… there’s nothing wrong with 30 year old women sitting around on a sunday afternoon and watching beauty and the beast (oh yes, it’s the disney cartoon version) on blu-ray!

here are some things i saw today that i really want to try out!

THIS, from totally looks right up my alley!

and i’m gonna do THIS, from , as soon as i find some cans… we use mostly bottles at our house… they would be so retro-AWESOME, reminds me of junior high and high school!

a whole page of WOW!

So THIS blog post popped up in my feed today and i couldn’t believe my eyes! michael miller fabrics, you’ve done it again! I grabbed some links to swatches HERE, just my favorites. go take a look for yourself and find your favorites! (more…)

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