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*toot toot* part 2

So I went home and stared at my hat.  I love the fabric, I love the concept, I love everything about it except the height.  So I grabbed the biggest section in the middle and started pinning.  I pinned about 2 inches I think (1 inch on each side) and then tried it on… my husband made a face – too small.  I pulled it back to about an inch (1/2 inch on each side) and tried it on… much better! I went to look in the mirror and it looked like I thought it was originally going to look!



It kinda feels like double-vision when you’re looking at it… if I were to do this again with such a distinctly repeating print I would have shifted the bands down the fabric so the viewfinders weren’t stacked on top of each other like they are now. But nonetheless I really like the hat now! 😀

*toot toot* all aboard!

I was working on a hat last night. I used my highly-coveted Ruby Star Rising Viewfinder fabric (I think it actually hurt to cut into that!). I used the pattern out of my One Yard Wonders book for the “Good Hat Day” hat and I checked out Pink Chalk’s review HERE and they said it was easy, fit well, and it looked good with no major problems.

There is only a single pattern piece for the brim, the rest of the pieces are different sized rectangles. The pattern is to face some pieces of fabric with the “wrong” side out for “contrast”… perhaps I’ve been conditioned too much to have the “right” sides out, but the “wrong” side out just looks wrong to me. So I planned to have all the pieces right side out, and according to the pattern text, this is just fine. I still ran into quite a few problems with this pattern.

When putting together the bands, for the exterior it says to sew right sides together (ok) and then to put the wrong sides together to join the two ends (what?), and then for the interior it says to sew the wrong sides together (whatever) and then put the right sides together to join the two ends. Won’t you just end up with raw seams that way? I ignored the instructions and reversed the seams so the raw edges were facing in.

When attaching the brim, it just says “attach”, when in reality I think you need to sew a seam all the way around. I did this and it forms the bottom seam of your hat.

How the heck do you put the top on this hat? the nearest I can figure is to fold under the top raw edge of the exterior, stack it on top of the top circle and the interior and then blindly sew them all together in one go, but the instructions just say “sew together”. I ended up facing the raw edges into the inside of the hat so it’s no longer reversible.

that's one scary looking hat... what height does it have to be to qualify as a "top hat"?

Why is it so tall? I feel like a train engineer! (hence the name of the post) I’m going to take out a section of the height and make it shorter because I don’t feel like it’s wearable as it is. Maybe the circumference of my head is just too small compared to the height of the hat! But the fit on this hat is amazing. It is just perfect for my head, and again, I have a fairly small head.

Quatchi - my usual hat model... he's got a big head.

ruby star rising

have you seen the new line of fabric called “ruby star rising”, the genius of Melody Miller? I was so excited when I saw the pictures from quilt market, viewfinders? vintage teapots?! awesome!!!

so i waited. and waited and waited and waited. and while i was in lloydminster for xmas they all arrived. and they all disappeared. i saw listings on some other sites for limited numbers of fat quarter bundles, and they were referred to as “highly coveted”. but this is some seriously cool fabric, i wanted to seriously order.

enter Fort Worth Fabric Studio! I had pre-ordered the dr. seuss fabrics from them and it was very convenient – they show you the amount they have left available for pre-order and then they send it to you and charge you when it actually arrives. good for them because they can gauge demand and guarantee sales, good for you because you’re guaranteed to get the fabrics that you want… eventually.

i asked them if they were planning on getting any in – they said that they were not planning on it, but were interested in branching into kokka fabrics. she asked me which ones i wanted, BING BANG BOOM, the next day they were available for pre-order. AND she’s getting in 10y each of 9 different fabrics, so if you’re looking to buy ruby star rising and you don’t mind waiting… go check it out! Fort Worth Fabric Studio

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