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geeky baby stuff

A friend of my husband just had a baby on 11-11-11… I know, so cool, huh? He wanted me to make a diaper cake and “maybe some of those clippy things?” hahaha.

I dug through my fabric pile and found the space invaders and pac man ghosts, and thought it was totally perfect for this baby of a geek, which in turn will most definitely be a geeky baby.

Space Invaders bib with matching minky clips

Pac Man bib with matching minky clips

I don’t know how I scrounged up enough scraps to do all of these clips AND back the bibs, but I did some creative placement! I think it’s safe to say that the minky is not necessarily all on the grain…

For a 5th clip, I used some of my treasured Tetris fabric that I got from Spoonflower last year.

And lastly, a receiving blanket to tie the entire cake together… bicycle flannel… I didn’t have anything geeky and Michael Miller flannel is just so soft after it’s washed!

flannel flannel flannel…

I ordered some cute michael miller flannels and I’ve been having a whole lot of fun with them.  Good quality flannel is just so soft after you wash it, I just love it!

I made this taggie block from 3 different prints and 3 different types of ribbon that I’d managed to collect that matched the block. I stuffed it lightly and inserted a plastic egg taped up with a couple of pennies inside to make a rattle.

I made this block for a friend of mine with a 6 month old that was in town… but I forgot it at home! Arrrrg! So while at breakfast with her I was trying to describe it to her, she said what she REALLY wanted was to score some more of those pacifier clips.


Check out all the cool fabrics! The little cars worked so well (and it’s a boy too!). The guitars didn’t work… I should have cut the other way, or on the bias. The green universe on black looks really hot! The words are all children’s toys and games – I found it in the remnant bin. Some of them have clips at both ends, good for attaching blankets, books, and plush toys. Some of them have a snap on one end, good for going through toys with loops, easier to clip small pacifiers.  I whipped these all off in a single night!

baby baby baby!

A very close friend of mine had a baby on the weekend. When she went in to be induced on Friday, I started sewing. We didn’t know whether it was going to be a boy or a girl, so when he was finally born on Sunday, I kicked it into high gear. I’m going to go see her tonight, so I’ll be taking everything with me, but all told I have:

  • A very large (approximately 60″x60″) Curious George flannel blanket
  • A smaller (approximately 45″x45″) frog flannel blanket
  • Two minky (approximately 36″x42″) rockstar blankets
  • a reversible nursing cover
  • 2 coordinating clip straps
  • 4 coordinating wash/burp cloths
  • a Fraggle (I didn’t make that one 😀 )

curious george


rock'n'roll blanket (michael miller & minky)

groovy guitar blanket (michael miller & minky)

reversible nursing cover

coordinating clips

coordinating cloths

gorgeous florals

so i was poking around on some blogs and came across this:


come hell or high water, I’m gonna figure out how to get ahold of some of this fabric and it will be in the window halfway up the stairs. thank you michael miller fabrics!

a whole page of WOW!

So THIS blog post popped up in my feed today and i couldn’t believe my eyes! michael miller fabrics, you’ve done it again! I grabbed some links to swatches HERE, just my favorites. go take a look for yourself and find your favorites! (more…)

new bag: the “will”

Named for my cousin’s new baby, she asked me to make her a diaper bag. I googled diaper bags and diaper bag design for a long time. All she told me is that she wanted “chocolate and teal, about the size of a large purse. A snap to close”. I do not have, nor have I ever had a diaper bag, so I thought about it for a long time. If I had a diaper bag, what would some of the features be? I came up with a list:

  • lots of pockets inside and out
  • an adjustable strap so it could be short for over the shoulder or long for over the chest.  with those detatchable swivel thingies so it doesn’t get twisted up too…
  • more pockets
  • stiff enough to stand open on its own
  • a flat bottom so it will stand up
  • a closure that closes well, but that you can open with one hand if you need to
  • more pockets
  • cute, with matching accessories

So armed with all of that, I set to work.  I used some Robert Kaufman fabric that I already had (it had been slated for garment bags.  oops!) and took some samples with me to the fabric store. I found a Michael Miller (Mezzanine) fabric that would be perfect to line the bag… nice and light and EXACTLY the same teal-y blue color. It also has circles, so I felt that they went well together. I also found a flannelette with the same colors, for accessorizing. 😀

The great thing about this project is that I had the opportunity to try out some new stuff that I’d never used before.  I spent a lot more time in the “buttons and snaps” area of the store than I had previously.  I used 2 swiveling sets of clips, so the strap will never get twisted, and it can even be detached and replaced if needed. I also used one of those slidey things (I’m using technical terms today!) so the strap is adjustable.  I also got to try out these cool fabric covering button kits, my buttonhole attachments for my sewing machine, and this nifty magnetic snap, not to mention a decorative stitch that I’d never used before that matched the lining fabric exactly. Take a look!

almost finished... still has some pins...

detail of the pocket and lining-matching-buttons

interior pockets...

matching changing pad...

magnetic snap...

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