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Happy Easter!

These cuties were inspired by Lil Blue Boo’s sock bunnies

Beach Blanket Bingo!

Sew, Mama, Sew had this awesome challenge to pin a set of fabrics for a fat quarter bundle. They’re so sneaky – by the time I finished pinning them, I wanted to by them for a blanket of my own!

My set was chosen as one of 10 finalists out of almost 100 sets!!! So please, if you have time and see fit to vote for my set (lucky #7!), I’d really appreciate it! (You don’t have to log in or sign up to anything to vote!)

Here’s my set on Pinterest. And this is my favorite print from it:

coastal plus skirt

Inspired by No Big Dill’s Coastal Curtsy Skirt, I ordered some ruffle fabric from Marie Madeline. It very clearly in the listings says that ordering is by the 1/2 yard, yet I ordered 3 1/2 yards and ended up with 1-1/2 yards instead of the intended 3 yards.  So while I thought I’d have enough to make the single seam skirt, I now did not… not at all.  I was pretty sad because I was looking forward to wearing this skirt as an airy cover-up on our cruise and I only had a few days left!  So I did what any determined sewer would do… improvised.  BTW, the elastic from Marie Madeline in their ruffle section is AMAZING! I really really love it.

I called this the Coastal PLUS skirt because it makes a bigger (plus sized) skirt with less fabric (though not as long, which is okay, we’re going Caribbean!) but it’s ultra-fluffy in the back!

First, I split the fabric in half. MAKE SURE the ruffles are running in the right direction! Cut along the dotted lines, and use a pivot point for the second half, just like the original pattern (I know, mine isn’t very round).

cut sheet

So this is no longer a 1 seam skirt, it’s 3 seams. Make sure when you’re sewing the 2 side seams that the ruffles are pushed back or you’ll catch them in the seams and then they won’t flop properly… this isn’t an issue in the original because you can’t really see the seam in the end.

seam diagram

After the two side seams, finish as the original directions instruct, with a seam up the back. I attached my waistband at this point (purple in the diagram) and then sewed right up the back and up the waistband in one go… this saves you from having to try to distribute the waistband around the inside seam of the skirt, and any extra length in the waist that’s not needed ends up in more fluffiness in the back too!

Voila! Now action shots!!!

Sewing Buddy 2012 Challenge #1

Whipstitch has this wonderful thing every year called the “Sewing Buddy Project” where you’re (seemingly randomly) matched with another participant and they’re your “buddy” for the year. Somehow I’ve gotten matched with a buddy from Georgia for 2 years in a row!

This year there are going to be challenges for buddies to complete jointly – the first one ended today.***ETA: it looks like it’s been extended until Monday!*** The challenge #1 was to create 2 projects, one a “boy” version and one a “girl” version. Since children’s clothing is pretty much out the window for me, we had to come up with something else that could be portrayed in a “girl” and “boy” fashion, but that was still obviously connected.

We decided on a self-contained picnic blanket in the greenhouse apple chevron print. I did mine in flannel and laminate – she chose to go with cotton instead of flannel for the heat factor! I love that these designers are producing on so many different types of fabric, it really allows you to be some much more flexible with what you can create!

So anyways (I finished it at close to midnight last night so I couldn’t take it outside for pics, but it’s been raining here anyways.) I chose 4 solid flannels to co-ordinate with my apples. She provided the pattern (which I managed to screw up anyways) and I came up with a block scheme for the pocket.. well, 2 schemes. I couldn’t decide on just one.

I decided that since both sides of the pocket show, that I’d do one on the inside and one on the outside.

What do you think? Does it look like the sketches at all? You might notice that the middle row is on top and the top row is in the middle. And please don’t look at the puckers where the designer flannel didn’t stretch and the cheaper solids did stretch. Just gaze in awe that in the first try at assembling it, it all ended up fitting inside the pocket!

But what they say about quilting is true… you really have to love the fabric that you’re working with. And at the end of it I still love all of the fabrics!

christmas ninja part 2: the dressform pincusion

G is taking off for Japan this Christmas (read: “took off”) so I had to finish her gift early. I saw these and actually watched the video to see the instructions and thought they’d be PERFECT for my stitchy family and friends this year… I mean, I love them, so they must too, right?  My father always tells me that the best gifts are ones that you would like to receive yourself… perhaps that’s why I get a lot of tools around Christmas some years…

Anyways, I made a few, so here they are! This one is G’s:

It consists of a cotton exterior stuffed with fiberfill, with a small oval piece of balsa wood on top of a candle holder for a base, a wooden sphere painted in glitter to top it off, and a piece of fuchsia tulle to finish it, and a couple of pretty pearlized pins for good measure. And a whole lot of hot glue – my favorite is the kind with glitter.

Here’s my mom’s:

The front and back are a safety pin pattern and the sides are a zipper pattern.  This one has the top in silver glitter and has a scarf from Martha Stewart’s new glitter eyelash yarn.

This one is my MIL’s:

Notice the orthogonal placement of the measuring tape pattern between the sides and back. This one has gold glitter and gold organza that I dug out of a closet.

hey girl

These Ryan Gosling memes have gotten way out of hand… they’re far too funny!

Quilt Dad had the funniest post I’ve seen about it so far.

My personal faves from his list?

Hey girl, of course I don’t mind if all of our kitchen appliances have Hello Kitty on them. I love her too.

Hey girl, this infinity scarf is totally going to impress the guys at work. especially because you used AMH voile … AND velveteen.

Hey girl, I know you’re unsure about it, but you know what I always say: you can never have too many ruffles.

Hey girl, I’m so glad you signed up for another round of that pillow swap. I think 14 is the perfect number of pillows to have on our bed.

Hey girl, I’m nearly done packing for my business trip tomorrow. Thanks for whipping up these drawstring bags for me: one for my shaving kit, one for my computer cords, & a third for snacks on the plane. Oh look, you already filled it w/ goldfish crackers. You’re the best!

Hey girl, I hope you like that pincushion in your stocking. I had my grandma teach me how to hand sew just so I could make it for you. xoxo

Hey girl, I know they look alike, but you totally posted a picture of that quilt before she did. She’s obviously a poser. And fat.

Hey girl, I know we’re short on floor space, so feel free to drape your quilt rows over my Bowflex. I think it looks festive.

Hey girl, come here and check out this episode of Storage Wars. Is that a featherweight? I love when you teach me about sewing machines.

Hey girl, these christmas stockings have been in my family for generations, but we can totally swap them out for those ones you just made.

Hey girl, you still have 322 hexagon templates to cut out? Stick them in my briefcase. It’ll give me something to do during my conference calls.

Hey girl, of course you can leave all of your sewing stuff there. Who needs a formal dining room, anyway?

Hey girl. You, me, Buble, and the hum of your sewing machine. You sure know how to make a house a home. xoxo

Hey girl. I know that’s your “super secret” sewing project for me, but do I spy a scoodie? Oh, it’s going to be a very merry Christmas.

christmas swap!

Here are my fabrics for the christmas swap at Boloheads!

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