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velveteen & voile…

I finished my mom’s bday present a couple of weekends ago… it’s an infinity or figure-8 scarf. It’s called that because it loops around your neck, half twists, and then loops around your neck again, and spread out it looks like an infinity symbol, or a figure 8. It’s fairly simple to sew, it’s basically just a rectangular tube, but it’s the fabrics that really make this one a home run… Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush in voile and velveteen!

Here it is all folded up. When I finished sewing it, I held it up and was like WOAH, this is way to big and too bulky!!! But I used exactly the same dimensions she did on her website, so I was confident and then tried it on… and it was heaven!

Here it is all looped around. The blue is the velveteen, the grey is the voile… so very very soft! Happy bday mommy! I’ll be sure to try to get a picture with it on her!

You can check out Anna Maria Horner’s website and her figure 8 scarf tutorial HERE! She even has a link to where you can buy the 18″x72″ pre-cuts!

swirls and ruffles

I met my mom for lunch today.  At some point this winter I had sent her a link to and she had told me how much she loved the swirly reindeer.  If I was smart I would have bought the machine embroidery pattern when they were all on sale for a dollar! But I didn’t.  While a dollar a nice, it SOOOOO worth the 5 dollars that I paid for it!!!

Isn’t it pretty? I got a whole load of little towels from Walmart for 2$ each for exactly this purpose.  I still had some fabric left from the birdies, so I trimmed the bottom in a ruffle!

I ❤ you mommy!  I think this also helped my cause of getting my mom to come check on my cat the next time we go out of town! MWAHAHAHA!

pillow try #2

So I went to a different fabric store looking for something in superman that would breathe a little better than the flannel and found the perfect thing, fit to cover the pillow of a super man.

fit to cover the pillow of a super man...

fit to cover the pillow of a super man...

The other thing I found at the fabric store was more of that gorgeous fabric, in plenty of colors:

in plenty of colors...

in plenty of colors...

and unlike some of the beautiful bits of fabric that I have, I had a plan for these ones:

I had a plan...

I had a plan...

and a wonderful plan it was, 2 days before my trip to Vegas! The blue and pink are for me, and the orange one is for my mommy for coming to check on my cat while I’m gone!

I ❤ you mommy!

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