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say hello to the kitty… again!

Here’s yet another Hello Kitty post.

I’m not the only one who’s fallen in love… I found that Mega Bloks and Liberty London have as well.

So when I found out that someone I knew was having a baby GIRL (it’s been nothing but boys around here for what feels like forever!) I cracked out the Hello Kitty again.

Man, I wish I’d had time to iron that… oh well, first wash will work that right out, and from what I hear about babies it isn’t likely far away. It’s backed with a fuchsia minky dimple dot.

The bibs are backed in the same minky – everyone I’ve ever done this for just loves how soft it is and loves that they can attach and unattach the bib single handedly withe the velcro.

Finally, I backed micro-fiber cloths in Hello Kitty, with a loop to hang it by.

And then roll it all into a Hello Kitty bag. (I almost got one of these for myself… too cute!) Notice how the bag has exactly the same images as the bib on the far right? Total co-incidence… happy accident. 😀

1 little, 2 little… 16 little birdies…

I’ve been working on these birds for xmas… I always have this problem, I WANT to do more than humanly possible.  So when I start working, I usually work “breadth first” – a computer term used in search algoritms which implies doing a little bit of each one instead of completing any one of them first.  So here it is 5 days before xmas and all I had was the cut-out pieces of a dozen birds!

a pile of birds...

Well, it’s now 4 days before xmas and I have 16 assembled birds that need to be stuffed and hand-stitched to close, so I’m definitely close!

yup, there are 16 of them...

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