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More baby ninjas


Tiny ninjas on silk from spoonflower plus purple minky equals a blanket fit for a baby ninja girl.


Infertility Awareness Week – the Med Bag

When you think “fertility treatment”, you probably think of medications. Some medications are oral (Clomid is one or more pills one or more times a day for about 5 days a month). Some are suppositories (I have nothing to say here besides EWWWW!). Some are injections – today we’re going to be talking specifically about injections because these are the most disruptive to a normal life-style just by virtue of set-up and lack of portability.

Last cycle my medication was in “pen” form – much like a diabetic has an insulin pen, you just clean the injection site, dial the dose, stab, and press. Even the antagonist (taken later in the cycle) was pre-mixed and the trigger (hcg) was mixed by the nurses and taken only once. The “pens” were in a nice little bag that I could take around with me wherever I was because they have to be taken at the same time every single day for between a week and two weeks.

My response to those drugs was bad. Well, it was okay, but it wasn’t good. This cycle we’re trying a new drug which actually has to be mixed immediately before injection. This is my living room table right now:

And there are 8-10 days of this...

And there are 8-10 days of this…

In a couple more days I’ll go back to the dr, they’ll take a look around, and probably give me the antagonist. This injection is not so nice… this was mine from last cycle:

This one kind of hurts...

This one kind of hurts…

but the word on the street is that I’m getting a different one this cycle, again that has to be mixed. This one has to be taken at exactly 8pm every night. What’s that? You want to have a life? Okay, start packing everything up to take it with you… you don’t want to screw up your $5k or $10k cycle because you didn’t take your injection on time!

But wait – remember the Boxy-Bag from last time? Hmmmm… This is my “Med Bag” rendition of the Boxy Bag.

Minky inside and out for delicate glass vials

Minky inside and out for delicate glass vials

I decided to go for purple minky inside and outside – nice and soft for those delicate glass vials! Additionally I used a purple flannel for what I like to call “overhead compartments”.

Please ensure syringe and needle are safely stowed in the overhead bins... open carefully as contents may have shifted.

Please ensure syringe and needle are safely stowed in the overhead bins… open carefully as contents may have shifted.

I used this successfully yesterday – I was going to be away from home and on the other side of town at lunch, so I took my meds with me! I’ve now regained some of my mobility for the first time this cycle!

Successful stowage of meds.

Successful stowage of meds.

I just want to mention now that it’s Infertility Awareness Week this week. You can find out more about the disease of infertility, infertility etiquette, and what you can do to help at RESOLVE, or the Canadian support site IAAC (even though Canadian Infertility Awareness Week isn’t until May!)

can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

I can.

me… on Sesame Street!

When I first heard that I was going to be an “Auntie” again, I found this perfect Sesame Street flannel to make some baby stuff. When I heard about 6 months later that I WAS an Auntie again, I thought I should probably get started on said baby stuff.

This picture was actually taken after I gave them the blanket… I’d been up late finishing it and hadn’t had time to photograph it, so the picture is really quite horrid.  But I think you get the picture – it’s a flannel rag quilt with a giant center panel.

This might just be the coolest part of the quilt. Centered at the bottom of the panel in the selvage it reads “C 2011 Sesame Workshop”.  My nephew was due to be born in early 2012 but due to some complications he ended up being born right at the end of 2011.  When I saw the selvage I thought it was just too perfect and I left it in.  Most of the time it gets covered by the rag seam, but I know it’s there.

Don’t you just love that nail polish too?  To me it looks like a 50’s kitchen appliance.

Anyways, here’s the back of the quilt. Nothing fancy, but there was a LOT of square cutting involved…

Then bibs, cloths, and a stuffed taggy block… and yes, it jingles. 😀

minky moo moo

I saw this new minky fabric and I fell in love… shortly afterwards I had 2 new blankets on my chair.  What can I say? I can’t resist a good minky!

And wouldn’t you know?  This week it’s 20% off on…  why does that always happen to me?

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  Besides possibly this:

the twilight scoody

Whenever I finish sewing something I show it to my husband.  Much like a child says to their parent “listen to this! watch me!”, he feigns interest at this point… I think it’s to encourage me to show him *only* the finished product, not the 59372 steps in between.  He calls it “inspection”, and my work is usually “approved”… sort of a quality control I guess 😉

I can tell when he really likes something that I’ve been working on because his eyes get really wide and he usually says something like “WOW”… if he doesn’t care for it he makes a face, then pretends that he didn’t make the face, then asks me pointed questions to guide me to the “right way”.

When I showed him this new scoody, his eyes got really wide.  Then he told me to flip it around (they’re all reversible) and said I looked like a vampire.  It’s totally a vampire scoody!

He thinks that the black side out looks more vampire-ish, but I think the black side in is cozier.  I do have to tell you that this black rose swirl fabric was the WORST to cut.  I’ve cut and sewn shag minky and it wasn’t as bad as this stuff.  It looks like black muppet exploded all over the kitchen and the static is keeping all of it attached to every surface.  But it’s pretty snuggly…

christmas ninja part 3: the scoody

When ninjas find something that they like, they do it a lot. Inspired by the Scoodie I drafted something that looked more like a hood from a snowsuit.

The process is easy: Make inner, make outer, sew right sides together matching seams as closely as possible, turn and top stitch!  Those orange ‘W’ looking things were my attempt at a visual break… the scarf pieces are quite long. After I cut the left and right hood pieces out, I used the rest of the width for the scarf parts.

The great thing is that they’re reversible – if you don’t feel like cute owls today, you can turn the pylon orange side out – also good if you’re lost in a blizzard.

It’s also upside-downable – if the scarf ends are pointing down you have more face-room, for chinooks, but if the scarf ends are pointing forwards you have more face coverage, for sub-arctic days.

So here are some fine specimens, thank you to Tigger for modeling.

geeky baby stuff

A friend of my husband just had a baby on 11-11-11… I know, so cool, huh? He wanted me to make a diaper cake and “maybe some of those clippy things?” hahaha.

I dug through my fabric pile and found the space invaders and pac man ghosts, and thought it was totally perfect for this baby of a geek, which in turn will most definitely be a geeky baby.

Space Invaders bib with matching minky clips

Pac Man bib with matching minky clips

I don’t know how I scrounged up enough scraps to do all of these clips AND back the bibs, but I did some creative placement! I think it’s safe to say that the minky is not necessarily all on the grain…

For a 5th clip, I used some of my treasured Tetris fabric that I got from Spoonflower last year.

And lastly, a receiving blanket to tie the entire cake together… bicycle flannel… I didn’t have anything geeky and Michael Miller flannel is just so soft after it’s washed!

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