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why, hello there kitty!

first, some failure.  i’ve never actually broken a needle OFF before:

but here is what I broke it off ON:

It’s a “hello kitty” lunch bag I made for a lady I work with!  The fabric is a light canvas that came from Hong Kong (see the Modes4u link in the sidebar!) and has been sitting patiently, waiting to be something exciting for a few months now.  It has an elastic loop around a flower button for a closure.  Let’s take a look inside!

It’s lined with a light pink broadcloth and has a nice rectangular bottom with straight edges to set a reusable container in it.  Let’s see what it looks like in action!

So it’s got a neatly folder paper-bag-style corner, hand stitched to the side with a blue flower on each side, similar to the flower used for the closure.  My favorite part of this entire bag is all of the top-stitched sides and bottom that give it a beautiful structure… it can almost stand up on its own while empty!

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