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so many cute projects… so little time…

Over at Sew Mama Sew they’re having a pillow round-up, and I found a link to this cutie-pie at Domestic Wormhole

via Domestic Wormhole

You can check out the entire tutorial HERE… this is something I really want to try out!

nothing new… sigh…

it’s been so flipping cold here that it’s hard to get motivated to even get through your day, not to mention do anything fun.  a girl day on sunday degenerated into everyone coming over to my house and watching movies, namely beauty and the beast and scott pilgrim… there’s nothing wrong with 30 year old women sitting around on a sunday afternoon and watching beauty and the beast (oh yes, it’s the disney cartoon version) on blu-ray!

here are some things i saw today that i really want to try out!

THIS, from totally looks right up my alley!

and i’m gonna do THIS, from , as soon as i find some cans… we use mostly bottles at our house… they would be so retro-AWESOME, reminds me of junior high and high school!

a lull…

my goal was to post once a day every weekday, but i haven’t done that this week.  it was a rough couple of nights with my contract programming project – one night not sleeping because i was thinking about it, one night up working on it all night, and last night still so revved up about it that i didn’t sleep well again.  no sleep makes for a very grumpy and un-creative tamara!

but i did want to link THIS because I’m totally going to do one… for someone… some time soon. i also saw someone do the cutest bibs with ties appliqued on them… with all the boys that everyone is having, i think that would be adorable!!!

i’m so going to try this out…

I’ve just been introduced to “cathedral window blocks” and it’s totally blown my mind!  I was looking for just the right pillow design for all the new fabrics that I got for the living room, and I think I’ve finally got it!

This is the first part

This is the second part

and here is what it looks like!

I just ♥ the colors she used, and I’m so impressed that the curves are so nice and round!

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