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more monkeys!

I was going to name this post, “monkey see, monkey do”, but then I figured out that I had already used that name! So I failed to come up with anything witty for this title, but I’ll be sure to put more thought into it for the next monkey post… because you know that there will be more! I’m actually writing this on Wednesday May 18th, but I’ve scheduled it to appear AFTER the long weekend. AFTER the surprise birthday party for my MIL. I don’t think she’s ever read my blog, but I don’t want her to stumble upon it and ruin the surprise, and I’m really terrible at writing about things after the excitement has worn off, so I figure this is the best of both worlds!

ANYWAYS, besides the birthday party being a surprise, my husband also got me to make her a blanket:

and this is where the monkeys come in! It’s about 60″x72″, the front is a minky pink with monkeys all over, and the back is a chocolate shag. It’s such a beautiful color of brown that I ordered enough for 3 blankets, one yet unfinished, the other one I test-drove last night and am proud to announce that it is of the high ninja-quality that you’ve come to expect.

I find one of the most feminine things in the world to be pink camo. Perhaps it’s an occupational hazard, but I think it’s delightfully delicate, while still being powerful and tough. So here is “chocolate camo”:

This one is also about 60″x72″, and I have another yard of the camo, for which I have other plans already. I’ve learned a whole lot about sewing with minky and especially working with shag, but I’ll save that for another day.

monkeys! now IRL!

great news! my first official nephew arrived on monday… apparently the family has decided to refer to him as “benji”, I’m sure much to his mother’s dismay… but last night I got my very first picture of something I made being used IRL!

monkey see, monkey do, monkey red, monkey blue…

So I’m getting my first real nephew this month. Not just the honorary kind where you get called “auntie” just because, but a real, blood (in-law) nephew. So to commemorate the occasion (and since I really don’t want to be depressed about my own lack of child when it seems like the ENTIRE world is pregnant all at once, I started sewing. I found this adorable sock monkey print at a local fabric store and already had some of the minky red hearts and minky blue dots. What came next was nothing short of a miracle.

I think I managed to finish two bibs, two blankets, and two pacifier clips in two nights, one night of which I was also packing and both of which I was also working on a programming project too!

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