nobis opus splendeat: we need more glitter

So I’m getting my first real nephew this month. Not just the honorary kind where you get called “auntie” just because, but a real, blood (in-law) nephew. So to commemorate the occasion (and since I really don’t want to be depressed about my own lack of child when it seems like the ENTIRE world is pregnant all at once, I started sewing. I found this adorable sock monkey print at a local fabric store and already had some of the minky red hearts and minky blue dots. What came next was nothing short of a miracle.

I think I managed to finish two bibs, two blankets, and two pacifier clips in two nights, one night of which I was also packing and both of which I was also working on a programming project too!


Comments on: "monkey see, monkey do, monkey red, monkey blue…" (3)

  1. These bibs are adorable!!!

  2. […] was going to name this post, “monkey see, monkey do”, but then I figured out that I had already used that name! So I failed to come up with anything witty for this title, but I’ll be sure to put more […]

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