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little ninjas… you can dress them up…

If there’s one thing that there is a lot of right now, it’s little baby ninjas! On my personal blog I started posting “knock up of the week”, and this week there were even two! So with little ninjas comes baby showers. And with baby showers come shower gifts. But what I have noticed is that there are a WHOLE LOT of little boy ninjas around lately! And while boys are just as cute as girls, they seem to be much harder to gift for! So here’s what I did from 9am-11:45am on Sunday morning (I had to leave for the shower at 12!)

I used all three colors of Mini Stars from All Star 2 of My Minds Eye for Riley Blake. I thought about doing the same colors on the fronts and backs, but they were all going to the same person so I thought it would make a cute little set!

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