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I just had to share this because of the obvious ridiculousness of it all.  I ordered 3 types of taffeta for construction of some livingroom drapes, to  go with the heavy tapestry-weight print that I already have.  I ordered crimson rosette taffeta, copper penny elegance taffeta, and gold wheat elegance taffeta.

Here is what arrived:

taffeta, taffetta...

soooo not taffeta!

I called my husband over and showed him, saying “this is taffeta, this is taffeta” and he replied to the last piece, “huh, that’s not taffeta, is it?”. Even someone who knows absolutely nothing about fabric could tell which of these thing just doesn’t belong here… so why couldn’t the very large online fabric store that I purchase it from tell?

anyways, I contacted the company and they offered to replace the fabric at no charge and ship it out right away… except that they were sold out. I ended up choosing a slightly more expensive gold taffeta with little fleur di lis on it… I haven’t seen it yet, so I guess we’ll see it when it arrives.

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