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coastal plus skirt

Inspired by No Big Dill’s Coastal Curtsy Skirt, I ordered some ruffle fabric from Marie Madeline. It very clearly in the listings says that ordering is by the 1/2 yard, yet I ordered 3 1/2 yards and ended up with 1-1/2 yards instead of the intended 3 yards.  So while I thought I’d have enough to make the single seam skirt, I now did not… not at all.  I was pretty sad because I was looking forward to wearing this skirt as an airy cover-up on our cruise and I only had a few days left!  So I did what any determined sewer would do… improvised.  BTW, the elastic from Marie Madeline in their ruffle section is AMAZING! I really really love it.

I called this the Coastal PLUS skirt because it makes a bigger (plus sized) skirt with less fabric (though not as long, which is okay, we’re going Caribbean!) but it’s ultra-fluffy in the back!

First, I split the fabric in half. MAKE SURE the ruffles are running in the right direction! Cut along the dotted lines, and use a pivot point for the second half, just like the original pattern (I know, mine isn’t very round).

cut sheet

So this is no longer a 1 seam skirt, it’s 3 seams. Make sure when you’re sewing the 2 side seams that the ruffles are pushed back or you’ll catch them in the seams and then they won’t flop properly… this isn’t an issue in the original because you can’t really see the seam in the end.

seam diagram

After the two side seams, finish as the original directions instruct, with a seam up the back. I attached my waistband at this point (purple in the diagram) and then sewed right up the back and up the waistband in one go… this saves you from having to try to distribute the waistband around the inside seam of the skirt, and any extra length in the waist that’s not needed ends up in more fluffiness in the back too!

Voila! Now action shots!!!

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