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merry merry merry

Candy cane reindeer!

I’ve been ninja-ing up some epic xmas posts about the gifts I’ve been making – expect them to be posted soon, as soon as  the recipients receive them!

swirls and ruffles

I met my mom for lunch today.  At some point this winter I had sent her a link to and she had told me how much she loved the swirly reindeer.  If I was smart I would have bought the machine embroidery pattern when they were all on sale for a dollar! But I didn’t.  While a dollar a nice, it SOOOOO worth the 5 dollars that I paid for it!!!

Isn’t it pretty? I got a whole load of little towels from Walmart for 2$ each for exactly this purpose.  I still had some fabric left from the birdies, so I trimmed the bottom in a ruffle!

I ❤ you mommy!  I think this also helped my cause of getting my mom to come check on my cat the next time we go out of town! MWAHAHAHA!

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