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baby, baby, baby oh!

i know, it’s been a while. i had to write an exam on monday so studying was my entire world for about two weeks straight. seriously: eat, sleep, study, rinse, repeat. oh yeah, and go to work.

but now that it’s over, i have time to share the baby gift that i so didn’t have the time to make that i made!

I would say that it took about 2h in total… an hour of shopping and an hour of assembly. I used the super special organic cotton, hypo-allergenic diapers because I didn’t know what brand she uses and these ones have pooh bears on them 😀 I also used 4 washcloths twisted and tied to look like flowers, and 3 onsies that made very pathetic looking flowers. The baby in question is about a month old, but needs 3-6 month clothes for the near future, and was lacking a baseball hat, so when I found a pooh bear baseball hat, I knew it was a “home run” (pun intended)!

To assemble the cake I used the following proportions:

  • 1/2 of the package minus 3 or 4 for the bottom layer
  • 1/4 of the package plus the leftovers from the first half  plus the “flowers” for the middle layer
  • the remaining 1/4 minus 1 for the top layer
  • the last diaper got rolled up and stuffed under the hat to prop it up.

If you don’t know how to create a diaper cake, it’s super easy. The method that i use is to roll up 3 or 4 diapers (make sure they’re all rolled in the same direction and on the same side) and tie a really long string around them just tight enough so that they stay together.  Then go around and evenly stuff some more diapers around the edges so that they’re all still facing the same direction. Most diapers nowadays have cute little pictures on them, so make sure the pictures are all facing outwards and the “raw” edges are all facing in.  Loosen the string a little so that it’s just tight enough to hold everything together and go around again.

can you see my study materials back there? ugg, canadian copyright law and the alberta engineering act...

The most important things in the end is that every diaper is consistently rolled, and that the entire thing is round.  When you’re finished the layer, tie everything at an appropriate tightness (none of the diapers should be folding around the string, but you should be able to pic the entire thing up and have it stay together).

The bigger the layer, the more diapers it takes to increase the size by one “row” (the bottom layer is only about one row bigger than the middle and top rows, but uses 2x as many diapers!).   Stack the layers, put something pretty on top, and you’re done!  If you want, you can include the packages from the items so the mom knows what she’s got!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the flower washcloths.  Here’s what I did:

  • Fold the washcloth in half.  These ones have very pretty bias, so that’s what went in the center of the flower.
  • Start rolling.  You want to make sure that the bias’ed edge stays about even.
  • For only the very last wrap, fold the bias’ed edge over once, towards the outside of the flower.
  • Tie very tightly right underneath the bias’ed edge to make the flower “bloom”!

So about an hour after I began construction, I had a smash-hit gift… it was a big hit at the party, the only gift that was passed around. The best part is that you can add exactly the things you want to it, in this case I knew what the things she needed were.

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