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the man cave

My husband has decided that he likes watching tv in the basement.  He bought a beautiful new leather chair, a very soft new chunk of carpet, and a bluray player that connects via wifi to netflix.  I started calling it his “man cave”.  But it’s very cold in the man cave (aka, unfinished basement) and I could tell that he needed a blanket… but it had to be one manly enough for the man cave:

black argyle is pretty manly

A minky black and white argyle from shannon fabrics was just the ticket. I paired that with a black minky shag and ended up with a blanket that was superbly soft and very warm! It measures about 72″x60″, so there’s more than enough room to tuck it around the toes and even pull it up to the nose, yet feels like some sort of wild animal on the back… very manly. I even managed an action shot! Very rare…

a man in his natural environment

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