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Karavan Kloset – part 2

And it’s time for the second installment of Karavan Kloset! In the first part we saw a tank top in the pink/tobacco colors. Today we’re staying in the same colorway, but moving to a swirly sort of print for a maxi-sundress.

This dress uses a technique called “shirring” where you put elastic thread into the bobbin of your machine (hand wrapped! PITA!) and sew lines across the width of the dress. I used this technique previously on the death grip on summer sundress.

Karavan Kloset – part 1

I just received a bunch of these beautiful, soft cotton knits called “Karavan” by Valori Wells. Now that it’s arrived I’m regretting the prints that I didn’t order and might get them sent along too. What I think I’m going to end up with is several different pieces of clothing all co-ordinating in each colorway. This is the first piece.

This is the first print, the colors are listed as “fuchsia, pink, silver, gold and tobacco”. I ended up running out to the store to get some FOE in some appropriate shades… I ended up with brown, olive, turquoise, and a dusty rose – here I used olive.

The entire process took about 2h. I basically started with a large rectangular piece of fabric, sewed a seam to make it a tube, and then freehand-cut the shape for the top. Next time I would make it scoop more under the arms, but come back up in the back. Add the perfect colored FOE and you’re done!

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