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ruby star rising

have you seen the new line of fabric called “ruby star rising”, the genius of Melody Miller? I was so excited when I saw the pictures from quilt market, viewfinders? vintage teapots?! awesome!!!

so i waited. and waited and waited and waited. and while i was in lloydminster for xmas they all arrived. and they all disappeared. i saw listings on some other sites for limited numbers of fat quarter bundles, and they were referred to as “highly coveted”. but this is some seriously cool fabric, i wanted to seriously order.

enter Fort Worth Fabric Studio! I had pre-ordered the dr. seuss fabrics from them and it was very convenient – they show you the amount they have left available for pre-order and then they send it to you and charge you when it actually arrives. good for them because they can gauge demand and guarantee sales, good for you because you’re guaranteed to get the fabrics that you want… eventually.

i asked them if they were planning on getting any in – they said that they were not planning on it, but were interested in branching into kokka fabrics. she asked me which ones i wanted, BING BANG BOOM, the next day they were available for pre-order. AND she’s getting in 10y each of 9 different fabrics, so if you’re looking to buy ruby star rising and you don’t mind waiting… go check it out! Fort Worth Fabric Studio

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