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Karavan Kloset – part 2

And it’s time for the second installment of Karavan Kloset! In the first part we saw a tank top in the pink/tobacco colors. Today we’re staying in the same colorway, but moving to a swirly sort of print for a maxi-sundress.

This dress uses a technique called “shirring” where you put elastic thread into the bobbin of your machine (hand wrapped! PITA!) and sew lines across the width of the dress. I used this technique previously on the death grip on summer sundress.

i spy and other adventures

so, as promised, here are the pics of the i spy bag that i made:

enough with the pictures, let me tell you about it now!  firstly, i feel bad because i don’t really remember where i saw this first.  it might have been here: …  it looks kind of like the picture i have in my head. I know it talked about putting the label on the back, which i didn’t do.

anyways, the owl fabric is from Ann Kelle’s Urban Zoology, I used very little: a single two inch strip from a full bolt-wide piece. the other fabric is just a packaged fat quarter piece i picked up on clearance at Michaels… i thought they went together quite well!

I first created a rectangle with the strips… all horizontal and then a small left over piece of owl fabric vertical on the end, for interest.  i lined the entire piece with more of the squares fabric, and then quilted along the seams. I folded both ends in, sewed the plastic window between them, sewed along the sides leaving a gap, filled it up, and closed the seam.

now, the most important part: what did i learn?

  • I got so excited about using my machine again that i forgot that the best stitch to use on plastic is anything except a straight stitch… and i used a straight stitch. it seems to be holding, i hope it’s ok. i’m seriously considering pulling it all out and doing it again because i’m giving it to a 5 year old with special needs.
  • the gap for filling shouldn’t overlap plastic.  it’s virtually impossible to hand sew the plastic area closed without tearing.  it was at that point which i remembered the part about the straight stitch.
  • i think i filled it a little bit too full.  just a little bit.  you need enough in there that it hides the things that are in there, but enough open space that you can move things around.
  • i meant to add glitter, but i forgot. i think i’m going to have to experiment with glitter first, i just get the feeling that it’s going to stick to the plastic until there’s just a wall of glitter that you can’t see through.

needless to say, i made it for a 5 year old, but i love it so much that i want to keep it.  is the baby seal not the cutest thing ever???

In other news, i made an outfit for my husband’s xmas party on the weekend.  he actually helped me finish it 😀  i love it, everyone else seemed to love it.  it’s loud, but it’s very me, and i think this was the most comfortable i’ve ever been at a semi-formal event like this. I asked my husband to take a picture of the outfit, which was mostly skirt, and he cut the picture off mid-thigh.  oh well, you get the idea,  i’m sure.  it’s blurry because it was low lighting and was taken with my blackberry. we made the skirt and the shawl, i think i paid 4$ for the shirt at a boxing day sale last year 😀

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