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tried and true

Sometimes I forget about this wonderful thing called the internet (that’s pretty funny coming from a Software Engineer, huh?). I was searching around my house like a mad-woman last night because I got some pretty new handi-crafter cotton and I wanted to crochet and I couldn’t find my dishcloth books. There’s nothing special about my books (well, one does have a PIG! with a curly tail and everything, it’s so freaking cute!) but when I first started crocheting, there was NO SUCH THING as the internet! Well, maybe it existed, but no one was using it. And for sure no one was using it to post crochet patterns. Even when the internet started to become popular, the people that were using it were not the people that were crocheting or sewing.

So after turning the house upside-down, I thought to myself “why am I looking for these stupid pattern books? I have a World Wide pattern book on my computer!”. I then thought of where my books were (well most of them anyways), but this morning I started googling crochet dishcloth patterns and found this:

This website is having a 365 dishcloth challenge so there’s a new dishcloth EVERY DAY! I’m going home and checking some of these out. I’d like to print them out so that I have them to try out, but I’d likely lose them with my books again 😉 I’m also thinking about trying my hand at designing them… there are prizes!!!

"Waterfalls" in "Love"

i <3 you ed hardy!

tattoos + cross stitching = cross stitched tattoos! take a look at ed hardy’s tattoo designs in x-stitch, called “love kills slowly”. check out the “google preview” of the book, you can see details about a half dozen or so designs including a rose banner and a couple of sparrows 😀 is already pre-ordering *squeeee!*

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