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1 little, 2 little… 16 little birdies…

I’ve been working on these birds for xmas… I always have this problem, I WANT to do more than humanly possible.  So when I start working, I usually work “breadth first” – a computer term used in search algoritms which implies doing a little bit of each one instead of completing any one of them first.  So here it is 5 days before xmas and all I had was the cut-out pieces of a dozen birds!

a pile of birds...

Well, it’s now 4 days before xmas and I have 16 assembled birds that need to be stuffed and hand-stitched to close, so I’m definitely close!

yup, there are 16 of them...

a quick peek at the WIP’s

here is a peek at what i was working on last night… first time out with the embroidery machine in quite a while… apparently i still remember how to work it, but i needed to look at the instructions a couple of times:

and this is what came in the mail today. i was excited to feel a “voile” as i had no idea what to expect, and all i can say is OH MY!

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