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christmas ninja part 4: bags to put things in

I started to realize that if I outlined every single thing that I made this xmas, I would be here until Easter, so I’m grouping widely, just let me know if you want me to slow down and show you something in more detail.

Exhibit 1: the tablet case.

Robot print on the outside, circuit board print on the inside, this beauty was intended for my dad’s tablet.  No velcro or clasps to scratch it up, there are magnets sewn into the inner faces.

In my defense, it fit my iPad with loads of room to spare in both dimensions.  Fluffy quilting make it soft padding for crashing into things, like dogs (my parents have 3 enormous siberian huskies).   How was I to know that his tablet is like 3 times thicker and an about 25% longer than an iPad?


By repositioning the magnet onto a little flap, I extended the reach of this baby by several inches. It can be closed either with the flap on the inside OR the outside of the body.

My cousin invited my family to her place for dinner… she said not to bring anything, but I wanted to bring something nice for her.  Enter flavored Schnapps… and pretty bag to put it in!

and looky inside!

And lastly, a bag all for me!  This is based on that cute little earbuds case… just bigger. Can you believe I got this stuff on super-duper clearance?  So cool.

It’s seriously neon green!

new bag: the “will”

Named for my cousin’s new baby, she asked me to make her a diaper bag. I googled diaper bags and diaper bag design for a long time. All she told me is that she wanted “chocolate and teal, about the size of a large purse. A snap to close”. I do not have, nor have I ever had a diaper bag, so I thought about it for a long time. If I had a diaper bag, what would some of the features be? I came up with a list:

  • lots of pockets inside and out
  • an adjustable strap so it could be short for over the shoulder or long for over the chest.  with those detatchable swivel thingies so it doesn’t get twisted up too…
  • more pockets
  • stiff enough to stand open on its own
  • a flat bottom so it will stand up
  • a closure that closes well, but that you can open with one hand if you need to
  • more pockets
  • cute, with matching accessories

So armed with all of that, I set to work.  I used some Robert Kaufman fabric that I already had (it had been slated for garment bags.  oops!) and took some samples with me to the fabric store. I found a Michael Miller (Mezzanine) fabric that would be perfect to line the bag… nice and light and EXACTLY the same teal-y blue color. It also has circles, so I felt that they went well together. I also found a flannelette with the same colors, for accessorizing. 😀

The great thing about this project is that I had the opportunity to try out some new stuff that I’d never used before.  I spent a lot more time in the “buttons and snaps” area of the store than I had previously.  I used 2 swiveling sets of clips, so the strap will never get twisted, and it can even be detached and replaced if needed. I also used one of those slidey things (I’m using technical terms today!) so the strap is adjustable.  I also got to try out these cool fabric covering button kits, my buttonhole attachments for my sewing machine, and this nifty magnetic snap, not to mention a decorative stitch that I’d never used before that matched the lining fabric exactly. Take a look!

almost finished... still has some pins...

detail of the pocket and lining-matching-buttons

interior pockets...

matching changing pad...

magnetic snap...

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