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Infertility Awareness Week – Closing Thoughts


I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted in that frame. It was originally something far more explicit and frustrated… but that’s just not me. I hate that infertility has put those thoughts in my head and essentially infected the undertone of my every thought and action. But I think this is a far better representation for infertility – it’s all any of us want… our happily ever afters. It was the theme at my wedding and I really believe it’s the theme of our entire relationship, so I really believe that we will get our happily ever after, how ever that might look. Maybe it’s just the two of us, maybe it’s more, but I know it will be for ever and ever and ever.

I just want to mention now that it’s Infertility Awareness Week this week. You can find out more about the disease of infertility, infertility etiquette, and what you can do to help at RESOLVE, or the Canadian support site IAAC (even though Canadian Infertility Awareness Week isn’t until May!)

Sew and So

I often frequent Sew and So to quell my need and desire for cross stitching. There’s just something so calming about sitting and stitching, following a pattern, matching blocks on the page to X’s on the fabric, seeing a picture slowly emerge out of chaos.

In January they renovated the Sew and So website to make it easier to navigate, but they also added the feature of “Customer Reviews”. Since my favorite cross stitch EVAR came from Sew and So, I decided to review it… and several days later an email appeared in my inbox telling me that MY REVIEW had been selected as one of their favorites of the month and I’d won a £25 gift certificate! And here in Canada, £25 is worth about $40 CAD!

My Cut-Thru Fairy Hill

i <3 you ed hardy!

tattoos + cross stitching = cross stitched tattoos! take a look at ed hardy’s tattoo designs in x-stitch, called “love kills slowly”. check out the “google preview” of the book, you can see details about a half dozen or so designs including a rose banner and a couple of sparrows 😀 is already pre-ordering *squeeee!*

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