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#DespicableMeCraftSwap2016 sign up – CLOSED

If you’re looking for the Despicable Me Craft Swap, sign ups are now closed.




Lost: 1 very pretty hat

Last seen on this head:

Reward offered if found… I have cookies. I’m very sad. I wore it to Zoolights last night and then took off my hat, cowl, and mittens on strings in the car.  At home I stuffed them all into my bag and went inside.  This morning there were only a cowl and mittens on strings in my bag.  Then I started to cry. 😥



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SPOONFLOWER ISPY fabrics have arrived at their destination!

 Take a look HERE to see my spoonflower fabrics that have arrived at their destination! Susan over at crafterhours was kind enough to facilitate international participation in the ispy swap by letting us ship our fabrics directly to her and agreeing to cut them up for us! yay! I’ve heard that there is a USPS strike? All I know is that it’s been taking 3-4 weeks to get anything from the States… you’d think Canada was on a different planet!

Additionally, I came home at lunch to find my own little spoonflower surprise!

my pretties arrived too!

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