nobis opus splendeat: we need more glitter

G is taking off for Japan this Christmas (read: “took off”) so I had to finish her gift early. I saw these and actually watched the video to see the instructions and thought they’d be PERFECT for my stitchy family and friends this year… I mean, I love them, so they must too, right?  My father always tells me that the best gifts are ones that you would like to receive yourself… perhaps that’s why I get a lot of tools around Christmas some years…

Anyways, I made a few, so here they are! This one is G’s:

It consists of a cotton exterior stuffed with fiberfill, with a small oval piece of balsa wood on top of a candle holder for a base, a wooden sphere painted in glitter to top it off, and a piece of fuchsia tulle to finish it, and a couple of pretty pearlized pins for good measure. And a whole lot of hot glue – my favorite is the kind with glitter.

Here’s my mom’s:

The front and back are a safety pin pattern and the sides are a zipper pattern.  This one has the top in silver glitter and has a scarf from Martha Stewart’s new glitter eyelash yarn.

This one is my MIL’s:

Notice the orthogonal placement of the measuring tape pattern between the sides and back. This one has gold glitter and gold organza that I dug out of a closet.


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