nobis opus splendeat: we need more glitter

hey girl

These Ryan Gosling memes have gotten way out of hand… they’re far too funny!

Quilt Dad had the funniest post I’ve seen about it so far.

My personal faves from his list?

Hey girl, of course I don’t mind if all of our kitchen appliances have Hello Kitty on them. I love her too.

Hey girl, this infinity scarf is totally going to impress the guys at work. especially because you used AMH voile … AND velveteen.

Hey girl, I know you’re unsure about it, but you know what I always say: you can never have too many ruffles.

Hey girl, I’m so glad you signed up for another round of that pillow swap. I think 14 is the perfect number of pillows to have on our bed.

Hey girl, I’m nearly done packing for my business trip tomorrow. Thanks for whipping up these drawstring bags for me: one for my shaving kit, one for my computer cords, & a third for snacks on the plane. Oh look, you already filled it w/ goldfish crackers. You’re the best!

Hey girl, I hope you like that pincushion in your stocking. I had my grandma teach me how to hand sew just so I could make it for you. xoxo

Hey girl, I know they look alike, but you totally posted a picture of that quilt before she did. She’s obviously a poser. And fat.

Hey girl, I know we’re short on floor space, so feel free to drape your quilt rows over my Bowflex. I think it looks festive.

Hey girl, come here and check out this episode of Storage Wars. Is that a featherweight? I love when you teach me about sewing machines.

Hey girl, these christmas stockings have been in my family for generations, but we can totally swap them out for those ones you just made.

Hey girl, you still have 322 hexagon templates to cut out? Stick them in my briefcase. It’ll give me something to do during my conference calls.

Hey girl, of course you can leave all of your sewing stuff there. Who needs a formal dining room, anyway?

Hey girl. You, me, Buble, and the hum of your sewing machine. You sure know how to make a house a home. xoxo

Hey girl. I know that’s your “super secret” sewing project for me, but do I spy a scoodie? Oh, it’s going to be a very merry Christmas.


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