nobis opus splendeat: we need more glitter


generations of Strawberry Shortcake. source:

Okay, I’m not talking about the first one (though I dearly love her from my childhood!) or the second one, but that third one on the far right… that’s what this hat reminds me of.

I was looking for cool hat ideas – I’ve been really into hats lately – and I’m still learning about the mechanics of how a hat goes together when I noticed that none of my pattern books have any hats! They all have the same “pyjama pants, cosmetics bag, jewelry roll”, but the only hat pattern I seem to have is the one that I tried out already that didn’t work out so well. So I started Googling and I came up with this link and got straight to work!

The outer cap and outer and inner bands are made from a Japanese fabric that I picked up at modes4u a while back and was scared to cut into for the longest time. The brim is 4 layers of black canvas with 2 layers of light fusible interfacing (I don’t have any heavy interfacing at home… oops!). For the lining I decided to use this gorgeous satin fabric that I had leftover from a skirt that I made (I’ll post it at a later date). After creating the pattern (watch out, it’s in metric! 4cm is about 1/2 inch.) I skimmed the instructions and closed the laptop and faked it from there, so I don’t know if I constructed it in the same way, but it’s my own!

I sewed together the outer and inner cap and then pinned them to each other. Then I constructed, turned, and top-stitched the brim. I attached the outer and inner band to the brim and then attached the band to the cap. The cap is a whole lot bigger than the band, so I pinned in 8 places around the band and tucked the cap every so often.

I love this hat! It’s cute and it fits beautifully! If I were to make it again (and I think I certainly will be!) I would:

  • Make sure that the seam where the top is sewn shut is sideways instead front-to-back. Alternatively, I’d like to try attaching a fabric-covered button there to cover the gap.
  • I’d make the cap part even bigger.  The instructions just say “a curved line”, so I drew a relatively conservative line between the two points, but I want to try bowing it right out!
  • I think the original might have been a lighter cotton to make it floofier. I know that’s not a word, but my mom always told me that if you can use it in a sentence, it’s a word.
  • I should have hemmed the satin – I already knew that if you don’t, it runs like crazy everywhere! I might still cover it with a ribbon…

quatchi, my usual hat model


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