nobis opus splendeat: we need more glitter

more minky

Are you tired of minky blankets yet? I’m not! I got a new chair delivered last week and it’s an ivory colored leather chaise… and it was just DYING for a blanket! Or maybe I was dying for a blanket while sitting on it.

This blanket is approximately 60″x72″… I saw blankets that size on etsy that are minky on only one side for between $100 and $150. I just love the watermelon-colored minky dimple… it’s precisely the same color as the owls! Unfortunately it appears as though Hawthorne Threads has removed the owls in watermelon and topaz from their site (usually meaning that they’re out and aren’t planning on getting any more in) and now only has the carnival colorway.

Do you like that toilet paper I managed to get into the shot? Oh yeaz, me toooo! We buy it at Costco by what I’m sure is the bushel-load.


Comments on: "more minky" (2)

  1. I LOVE minky & I love owls. So cute!!

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