nobis opus splendeat: we need more glitter

oooooh, shiny!

this project has been under wraps for a while:

It was originally meant to be a pin-cushion, but I went a little crazy… I couldn’t help it, the pins and buttons were just screaming at me to be involved.  I found the skull ribbon in the Halloween clearance bin and I just knew!  Red thread tied it all together in one big, skully… I don’t know.  I thought it could be a really giant pin-cushion, but then I decided to let the gift-ee decide.  We settled on it being a bag for sewing things, and I have the perfect thing to line the inside with…

The embroidered design is from Urban Threads and this was my first attempt at using the shiny metallic thread. The lady at the fabric store scared me when I purchased it, telling me that I should use different needles and this lubricant that she sold me and this special bobbin thread and about a half dozen things that I don’t even remember now. I decided to just give it a shot to start, with a normal embroidery needle and just set my machine on “slow”… and everything turned out beautifully. It tangled and broke about the same amount as any other thread, actually, probably less because I had it on slow!


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