nobis opus splendeat: we need more glitter


i sewed last night. it was glorious and wonderful. i almost thought i was going to forget how. i was working on an outfit for my husband’s xmas party tonight and for some reason that didn’t really feel like “sewing” per say… it was just a simple gathered skirt so i was just trying to get everything together in one piece. but then i decided to actually work on something fun and the experience was… it was something pretty amazing!

let me start at the beginning. last weekend i was over at a friend’s house watching the UFC fight. she’d dug out her old sewing machine and wanted help threading it… so we cleaned up all the dust and i wound a pink bobbin and showed her how to thread the machine and load the bobbin… and as i was doing it i could feel myself reaching for things and performing actions on things that WEREN’T THERE… am I losing my mind? no, my muscle memory is specific to my machine… my body is missing my machine! what is it they say? it’s like riding a bike…

so fast forward again to last night. i sat down with some fabrics, held them up together, devised a plan, cut the fabric, and started piecing it together… and as i was lowering the foot i felt this weird twinge of something that i can only describe as “i remember this” and “this feels good” and “this feels right”. man, i sound like an emo teenager with their first serious boyfriend!!! hahaha

anyways, i’ll get some pics up asap, i wanted a at least some daylight to take some pics, but i made an eye-spy bag. i also have to dig up a link to where i got the idea from…


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