nobis opus splendeat: we need more glitter


i’m going to have to pay the therapy bills for my sewing machine to get over her abandonment and neglect issues.

this is not going to be one of those dead blogs. as soon as i have time to do anything even remotely creative, i WILL be back.  but for now, i’ve been working full days at work and then coming home and putting another 6-7 hours on my contracting project. it was supposed to be finished at the end of october, but that would require the customer to stop changing the requirements… any time now.

so alas, this is farewell again for probably another month or so.  but let me leave you with one wonderful tidbit.  this is my gorgeous new laminated fabric:

it came from the the fabricland in lloydminster. if you don’t know where lloydminster is, look it up on a map, i think we determined it was an oil town of about 25k people. and i found a bin of rolls of laminated fabric. that’s right. of course there was a war of wills involved in the process of trying to obtain it, ending in my “mafia” flanking me for intimidation factor until we got what we wanted – them to either cut off the creased fabric or make it un-creased. well, they are joined with a womens’ clothing store that happened to have a professional steamer. as we were waiting (for quite a while) for her to come back, one of the guys said “if she can’t get the creases out, do you think she’ll ever come back?” HAHAHA

anyways, i ordered amy butler’s raincoat pattern, and i plan on tackling an umbrella recover. i got 5 meters of this stuff, let’s see what i can do.

ps, the card below it is actually from a different shipment of japanese fabrics! yay for kawaii!


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